My name is Ann. It is day – off today. It is very in the morning. And my friends and I go to play in the yard. It is warm. But soon many dark clouds appear in the sky. It is and . We run home quickly. But after dinner the weather changes again. There are no in the sky. It isn’t . It is again. We are very happy and enjoy the weather.

In the morning the weather is

  1. rainy
  2. frosty
  3. sunnytrue

Ann and her friends go to play

  1. in the street
  2. in the yardtrue
  3. in the park

The weather is

  1. hot
  2. warmtrue
  3. cool

When do the weather change again

  1. after dinnertrue
  2. in the morning
  3. in the evening

Ann and her friends are

  1. sad
  2. happytrue
  3. glad

Тест пройдено!

Правильних відповідей:



Обери правильну відповідь (одну або декілька).

Натисни на потрібний варіант відповіді (один клік) щоб виділити його, а потім тисни кнопку "перевірити".


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